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Dry Needling 
may be requested to be included into the time of any session, at no extra charge.


To stay competitive in the industry and to keep up with rising supply costs, as of January 1st  2022, there will be a price increase on all services.  This increase will allow me to continue to provide the best possible personalized service to the Williamsburg area and beyond.

From all my regulars to my occasional clients, thank you for your understanding and continued support.  

Every one of you plays an important role in my success!



Initial Consultation with treatment:  $160

Follow up (50 min.):   $105


30 min massage:    $75

60 min massage:   $130

75 min massage:   $155

90 min massage:   $170

Prenatal Massage

60 min massage:   $140

75 min massage:   $165

90 min massage:   $185

Acu/Mass Combo (80 min):  $170


A combination of Acupuncture + 30 min Massage.

This treatment focuses on releasing stubborn muscle tension while promoting a sense of complete well-being.




(after initial consultation)

  5 sessions $495

10 sessions  $940

Acu/Mass combo

(80 min sessions)

 5 sessions $765

10 sessions  $1,485


(5 sessions)

30 min  $360

60 min  $585

75 min  $695

90 min  $765

Prenatal Massage

(5 sessions)

60 min  $630

75 min.  $745

90 min  $830



 5 Sessions:   6 Months from date of purchase

10 Sessions:  12 Months from date of purchase

 Before your package expires you will receive an email with sufficient time to book an appointment.  Expired packages will not be extended.   Before purchase, please see the OFFICE INFO page for more information regarding packages.

If you don't see a time that best works for you, text or call us at (929) 224-6514.

Available openings might not always reflect on the online schedule.

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