Dry Needling, aka Trigger Point Acupuncture, is an evidence based treatment technique that helps quickly and safely get rid of persistent pain, reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, and improve muscle function.

This technique is not a stand-alone treatment.  If requested, it will be applied during your acupuncture or massage session.

Just as in regular acupuncture, an ultra-thin, single-use acupuncture needle is used. The difference is, instead of inserting the needle/s into "acupoints" that are based on ancient Chinese medicine and are close to the body's surface, the needles are instead inserted deeper into areas of a suspected muscle that is housing "trigger points".  The needle is then lightly moved around focusing on stimulating the underlying myofascial trigger points to produce a localized involuntary muscle twitching. This reaction has the effect of fatiguing the tight muscle and producing an immediate reduction or elimination of the tightness and discomfort for the management of neuro-musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Unlike in an acupuncture session where the needles are left in place for a certain amount of time, in dry needling they are only used to release the trigger points.

Dry needling to release trigger points shoulders

These points can be active or latent, the active ones can cause noticeable overall pain and referred sensations on a daily basis. They are hyperirritable and may have been caused by new or old injuries, improper or overtraining, incorrect posture or body mechanics, or simply psychological stress. They can cause a myriad of problems from pain in injured and surrounding areas, dysfunctional movement patterns, headaches and migraines, and joint dysfunction.

Latent points on the other hand are tender areas in the muscle that just about almost everyone has.  Needling these will be also of importance in order to stop active trigger points from forming and to help prevent any future pain. loss of range of motion or flexibility.

Known in NYC for her result-oriented Dry Needling technique, Montserrat at Alquimia Wellness has not only treated athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and broadway dancers, but is also sought out by many suffering from persistent muscle tension and discomfort due to injuries, poor posture, and overall stress.