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A must-try deep tissue penetrating herbal analgesic with profound therapeutic properties. Boosts blood flow, decreases inflammation, alleviates discomfort, fortifies connective tissues, accelerates bone regrowth, and speeds up the healing process of an injury.


Handcrafted in the USA by master herbalist Saint Apothecary, using only imperial-grade herbs that are ethically sourced, and meet the highest standards of control.

Saint Apothecary quotes:

Evil Bone Water has no animal products. Furthermore, non-GMO, gluten free, cruelty free, pesticide free, contaminant free. The camphor and menthol in Evil Bone Water are not synthetic. We also only use potable grain alcohol not synthetic ethanol.

Every herb is microscopically tested not only for proper variety and contaminants, but strength. We make sure they are all sustainable and ethically sourced. Everything that goes into that bottle comes from the finest ingredients on the planet that are currently available.

*Evil Bone Water is intended for external application only.   Do not consume under any circumstances.  Do not drink! *

Common uses for Evil Bone Water:

  • Sports injuries (sprains, strains, etc)

  • Joint Pain

  • Muscle & Ligament Pain

  • Bruising

  • General Pain

Sunset Run

How to use Evil Bone Water?

Proper usage and frequency ensures optimal benefits and safety.

Let formula naturally dry on the skin after applying and thoroughly wash hands afterwards to avoid inadvertent contact with eyes or mouth.

  • Pre-Activity: anticipating physical exertion or strenuous activity? Preemptively apply to potential problem areas for proactive protection.

NOTE:   Avoid using on open wounds or broken skin.  Stop use if irritation occurs.


Saint Apothecary’s Evil Bone Water is never compromised with lesser grade herbal ingredients, only ethically sourced, empirical grade herbs are used.   - Mark T. Brinson, CEO, Saint Apothecary

Zhang Nao
(Camphor, Cinnamomum camphora)
Increases local circulation, relieves pain

Bo He Nao
(Menthol, Menthae Haplocalycis Herba)
Aromatic and cooling clears heat.
Vents rashes; used in early stage of rashes to induce the rash to come to the surface as a means of venting heat and speeding recovery

San/Tian Qi
(Notoginseng, Pseudoginseng)
Stops bleeding, eliminates blood stasis, reduces swelling, reduces bruising, swelling, inflammation and pain, relieves trauma.

Ji Gu Xiang
(Japanese Knot Weed (Eupatorii Herba, 47, OR Linderae Radix)
Treats bruises, sprains and inflammation.

Gui Pi
(Cinnamon Bark)
Releases the muscles, promotes circulation, warms

E Zhu
(Zedoary Rhizome, Rhizoma Curcumae)
Promotes the circulation of qi and blood, breaks accumulations

Bai Zhu
(Atractylodis Macrocephalae Rhizoma)
Anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, treats muscle spasms and cramps

Hu Zhang
(Knotweed Rhizome, Polygoni Cuspidati Rhizoma
Invigorates the blood, helps dispel stasis, helps open channels

Bai Niu Dan
(Inula Cappa DC)
Dispels wind, eliminates dampness, reduces joint pain.
(This is a more rare herb and not in the top 500 TCM pharmacopeia.)

Qian Jin Ba
(Philippine Flemingia Root)
Strengthen the tendons and bones, astringe the lung and relieve sore throat

Pick up:       $35.00

Shipped:     $40.00

We are not a walk-in clinic, if picking up, please call or send us a text beforehand.

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