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Women's Health

Bringing balance to the lives of teens and women by offering alternative solutions for gynecological and reproductive health needs from puberty to menopause. 

Fertility & IVF support                                                         PMS symptoms

Prenatal support                                                                 Menstrual disorders


Postpartum support                                                          PCOS


Perimenopause                                                                   Menopause


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China and Japan for women's health, and modern research is continuing to prove it helps for the treatment of a wide range of gynecological conditions,  from regulating the menses, balancing hormones, pre/post natal support, to enhancing fertility.

If you don't see a time that best works for you, text or call us at (917) 715-2958.

Available openings might not always reflect on the online schedule since Online booking is only available within 2 hours of an appointment.

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