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Relaxing and therapeutic, prenatal massage offers benefits that extend from mother to child. A natural therapy treatment specifically designed to alleviate pregnancy-related symptoms and restore the harmonic balance of the expectant mother.

By reinforcing a woman's inner vitality and strength, massage therapy can accelerate the body's healing abilities, laying a healthy foundation for the bonding between mother and newborn.

A Prenatal massage differs from a regular massage by focusing on the postural and anatomical changes a women goes through during pregnancy.  

Pregnancy creates a wide range of physical and emotional changes, ranging from hormonal fluctuations to muscular tension and swelling. Studies have shown that massage therapy helps improve mood regulation and cardiovascular health when introduced into a women's prenatal care.

Here at Alquimia we are certified in Prenatal massage and offer the option of receiving the massage in side-lying position or on a pregnancy massage table (that contains a supportive sling).


Whichever way it is you choose, it is our priority to make all the modifications necessary so that at all times during your session, you feel comfortable, safe and secure.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

NOTE:  If you wish to have your session on a pregnancy massage table instead of side-lying, please make sure to choose that option when scheduling online.  

As with any therapeutic treatment during pregnancy, it is always recommended to consult with your physician or midwife prior to scheduling a prenatal massage.

If you don't see a time that best works for you, text or call us at (917) 715-2948.

Available openings might not always reflect on the online schedule.

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